220-240V AC, Power Output:

A-1031: Max.45W

A-1061: Max.90W

A-1121: Max.180W

A-1706 /A-1712 /A-1724 

-Multiple Inputs / Outputs

– 2 Zone Capability

– Phantom Power Provided

– Remote Control Capability

A-1803 /A-1806 /A-1812 

-Versatility plus

– 2 Zone Capability

– Phantom Power Provided

A-2030/A-2060/ A-2120/A-2240 

-High reliability

– 4 models lineup!

– High cost-performance

A-706 /A-712 /A-724 

-Power Source:120V AC, 60Hz

– Rated Output:

A-706: 60W

A-712: 120W

A-724: 240W

A-9060DH/A-9120DH/ A-9120DL 

-Modular Digital Matrix Mixer/Amplifier

– Dual Modes (MIXER and MATRIX

– Exceptional Audio Quality

A-9060S/A-9120S/ A-9240SH  

-Modular Digital Matrix


– Dual Modes (MIXER and MATRIX)

– Exceptional Audio Quality

– 110 – 120V AC Operation

A-906MK2 /A-912MK2 

Output Power:

A-906MK2: 60W RMS

A-912MK2: 120W RMS

BG-1015/BG-1030/ BG-1060/BG-1120 

110 – 120V AC Operation

– 15W RMS, 30W RMS, 60W RMS or 120W

RMS output power

– 50 – 20,000Hz frequency response


– System amplification option

– Switchable input levels

– Emergency control


-High reliability

– High cost-performance

– Comes with a 100V line input


– Output Power:120W RMS

– Built-in protection circuitry

– Full range of plug-in modules.


-240W RMS output power

– 20 – 20,000Hz

frequency response, ±1dB

– Built-in protection circuitry

– Input level switch (1,000mV/100mV).


– Output Power:120W RMS

– Frequency Response

70 – 10,000Hz (+1 to -2 dB)

50Hz (-3dB)

15,000Hz (-5dB)

PA-2440B /PA-3640B 

-Output Power

PA-2440B: 240W RMS

PA-3640B: 360W RMS

– Versatile AC/DC operation.


– Output Power:360W RMS

– Distortion:

Less than 1% at rated output, f=1kHz


-Space for 10 modules max.

– Front access to module sockets.

VP-1060B/VP-1120B/ VP-1240B 

– Output Power:

VP-1060B: 60W RMS

VP-1120B: 120W RMS

VP-1240B: 240W RMS

VP-2064/VP-2122/ VP-2241/VP-2421 

-28V DC(operating range:20 – 40V DC)

– Recording Output Power:

VP-2046:60W × 4

VP-2122:120W × 2



W-906A /W-912 

– Output Power:

W-906A: 60W RMS

W-912A: 120W RMS

– Power Consumption:

W-906A: 100W

W-912A: 180W

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