New Design AC Panasonic Standart Series

Desain terbaru dan type baru AC Merk Panasonic Standart Series.


Features :

  • Eco Smart

Menghemat energi sampai 10% dengan menaikan suhu 1 derajat celcius setiap 2 jam

  • Anti Bacterial Filter (Optional)

Anti-allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacteria protection to keep the air clean, cool and healthy.

  • Soft Dry Operation Mode

Starts with cooling to dehumidiy, then provides continuous breeze at low frequency to keep room dry without much change in temperture.

  • Wide & Long Airclow Vane

This newly-designed vane has been integrated with the louvre to greatly increase the amount of air discharged.

  • Blue Fin Condenser

Condensers can take a beating from exposure to salty air, rain and other corrosive factors. Panasonic has triple the life of its condensers with an original anti-rust coating.

  • Removable, Washable Panel

To allow easy maintainance and cleaning on air filters.